9 Things men don’t find attractive women

Attraction is subjective, and personal preferences vary from person to person. However, certain traits or behaviors may be generally perceived as unattractive by many men. In this article, we will explore nine things that men commonly do not find attractive in women. It’s important to note that these observations are not meant to generalize or criticize, but rather to shed light on common societal perceptions.

1. Excessive Makeup

While makeup can enhance natural features and boost confidence, excessive or poorly applied makeup can be off-putting to some men. Heavy layers of foundation, exaggerated contouring, or dramatic eye makeup may give an unnatural appearance. Many men appreciate a more natural and subtle approach to makeup, allowing for a woman’s true beauty to shine through.

2. Constant Need for Validation

Men generally find confidence attractive, while a constant need for validation can be draining. Seeking approval or reassurance in every aspect of life can indicate low self-esteem and may lead to an imbalanced dynamic in a relationship. Men appreciate women who are self-assured and have a healthy sense of independence.

3. Excessive Self-Centeredness

Being self-centered or overly focused on oneself can be a turn-off. A lack of consideration for others’ needs, constant self-promotion, or consistently putting oneself first can create a sense of imbalance in a relationship. Men value a partner who is caring, empathetic, and willing to invest in the well-being of the relationship as a whole.

4. Overly Dramatic Behavior

Excessive drama, whether in relationships or daily interactions, can be unattractive to many men. Constant emotional turmoil, heightened reactions to minor issues, or a tendency to create unnecessary conflicts can be exhausting. Men often appreciate a calm and rational approach to communication and problem-solving.

5. Lack of Independence

Men generally find independence attractive in women. Being overly reliant on others for decision-making, financial support, or emotional stability can create an imbalance in a relationship. Men value a partner who has her own goals, interests, and can contribute to the relationship as an equal.

6. Negativity and Constant Complaining

Negativity and constant complaining can dampen the energy in any relationship. Men often prefer to be around women who have a positive outlook on life and are able to find solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Being optimistic and focusing on personal growth can make a woman more attractive to many men.

7. Excessive Jealousy and Insecurit

While a healthy amount of jealousy can be a sign of caring, excessive jealousy and insecurity can strain a relationship. Constantly questioning a partner’s loyalty or demanding excessive reassurance can create an atmosphere of distrust. Men appreciate women who have confidence in themselves and trust their partner’s commitment.

8. Lack of Ambition or Drive

A lack of ambition or motivation can be unappealing to many men. Men often find women who have goals, passions, and a drive for personal and professional growth more attractive. Having aspirations and working towards them shows determination and an active approach to life.

9. Dishonesty and Lack of Trustworthiness

Honesty and trust are crucial components of a healthy relationship. Men generally find women who are open, transparent, and trustworthy more attractive. Consistent dishonesty, manipulation, or a lack of integrity can erode trust and damage a relationship.


Attraction is complex and varies from person to person. While the mentioned traits or behaviors may be perceived as unattractive by some men, it is essential to remember that everyone has their preferences. It is crucial to be true to oneself and prioritize personal growth, confidence, and healthy communication in any relationship. Building a strong connection is about finding someone who appreciates and values you for who you genuinely are.

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