16 Gross things all women do but will never admit them! number 16 is gross

Women share many common bodily functions with men, yet there are certain aspects of our daily lives that often go unspoken. From grooming rituals to personal habits, here are 16 relatable experiences that many women can relate to but seldom openly discuss.

1. Tackling stubborn ingrown leg hairs and experiencing the satisfaction of removing them.

2. Using tweezers to deal with stray hairs on the chin, eyebrows, or belly button.

3. Indulging in a guilty pleasure by enjoying cheese straight from the packet, maybe even grated for an added touch of indulgence.

4. Sniffing our jumper’s armpit or our jeans’ crotch to determine if we can stretch another wear before laundry day.

5. Giving our faces a break and skipping the weekend face wash routine occasionally.

6. Keeping that annoying hangnail until we’re in the mood for a little nibble.

7. Opting for nail scissors to trim our pubic hair, as regular waxing may not always be practical.

8. Savoring spoonfuls of Marmite straight from the jar, a guilty pleasure for those who appreciate its unique taste.

9. Reluctantly holding onto underwear with stained gussets during our period, as we fear ruining more pairs (even though they mysteriously disappear).

10. Emergency makeshift sanitary measures involving balled-up toilet paper tucked into our underwear.

11. Maintaining a long-term relationship with dry shampoo, our trusted ally for quick hair touch-ups.

12. Admitting we’ve neglected to wash our blusher brush, which has faithfully served us for a decade.

13. Spraying perfume on our jumper’s underarms in a pinch when we run out of deodorant.

14. Delaying washing our bras until they start to appear slightly worn or develop a faint odor.

15. Finding ourselves in situations where we discreetly wrap a used tampon or pad in toilet paper due to a lack of proper disposal options.

16. Strangely feeling a sense of accomplishment upon observing the little towers of congealed grease on a used Biore strip.


Every woman has her own unique experiences, and there are certain aspects of daily life that often go unspoken. By acknowledging and discussing these relatable moments, we can foster a sense of understanding and camaraderie among women, while embracing the quirks that make us who we are.

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