Is There A Link Between Itchy Dog Skin And Its Gas?

Does your dog’s itchy skin bother you with constant scratching? Does your dog have gas that can also clear the room? Have you ever thought that there might be a connection between a permanent scratch and unpleasant odors that fill your home?

Dog gas is basically your dog, removing toxins from his body. When the digestive system is unable to process and consume nutrients, noxious gases are formed. Another result of your dog’s inability to process these nutrients is malnutrition, which is the main cause of your dog’s itch.

Think about your gas (yes, everyone has gas, whether they recognize it or not – it’s a natural function of the body). When healthy, eating healthy foods will likely have low levels of gas that are not too harmful. If you eat certain foods, your body will react differently, some of which will cause noxious gas and others will not. A lot of it has to do with how well your digestive system can break down foods and consume nutrients. When your body is unable to break down food, you may experience excessive constipation, constipation or diarrhea.

So, if your dog has a constant, harmful gas, it probably has something to do with his dog’s food. Many commercial dog food is highly processed and low in nutrients. This means that most of the dog’s food is simply sitting in its digestive tract, undigested and virtually unused. This results in noxious dog gas, as well as unhealthy fur, which causes itching and scratching because the skin cannot get the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Ideally, if your pet has itchy skin and gas, replace your dog’s food.

If you are eating commercial dog food, read the ingredient labels and look for a natural one with minimal preservatives and additives and quality ingredients. Organic ones are the best, but they also tend to be princes (as with human food). There are some good, natural foods for dogs, but don’t be fooled by the beautiful packaging and note on the bag – take a look at the real ingredients on the ingredient label!

If you are feeding home made dog food then your dog is already getting quality nutrients. However, one or more of these nutrients are not digested by him. Every three or four days, try replacing or removing one ingredient at a time to find out what is affecting its harmful dog gas.

When changing your dog to a natural, high quality dog ​​food diet, you should notice a change in your dog’s gas within a couple of days. However, your dog can fix the itchy skin within weeks, but you should notice a noticeable reduction in scratches after a few days.